Feeling more and more intent on setting up my own VPS (virtual private server) and moving most of my web presences there. Time to revive some of my skills from younger days. Should be fun, but also very time-consuming given how rusty I am 😅


@axbom Have you checked out Cloudron.io? Self-hosting without some of the hassle and maintenance :-) Just started my mastodon server (and much more) using that and a Hetzner VPS

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@noldal Very cool! Thank you, that looks very interesting! And based in Berlin as far as I can tell…

@noldal This is amazing… you may have just saved me weeks of time! 😅

@axbom Yes, Cloudron is based in Germany and you can install it on any VPS (or your home-server aswell). I use Hetzner (also Germany) to keep things within EU at least... Don't know how much that matters but feels good 😂. I tend to have all the time in the world setting up new apps, and then 6 months later realize that I haven't updated or maintained it and everything breaks down and the fun goes away 😬. In comes Cloudron which kind of handles that... for a price but worth it for me...

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